Selective Nerve Root Block

A selective nerve root block (SNRB) is a common procedure that is characterized by an injection of a local anesthetic and steroids into or near a damaged nerve. It is usually used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in order to treat pain and the symptoms associated with numerous spinal conditions. The local anesthetic is important because it immediately numbs any nerve pain (neuralgia) as the steroids work to reduce inflammation and resolve pain. Nerve blocks are widely used to help physicians such as Dr. Shaikh determine exactly where the damaged nerves are located.

Nerve blocks can help us diagnose and treat lumbar, thoracic, and cervical pain by injecting medication into a targeted nerve root. This treatment is beneficial because it can either be used as a diagnostic test to help us find our which nerve is involved, or as a therapeutic test to provide lasting pain relief. The way in which we use the injection will depend on each patient’s specific needs.

Who Could Benefit From a Selective Nerve Root Block?

As discussed, selective nerve root blocks are usually used to locate and treat neck, back, arm, and leg pain. In the event a nerve becomes inflamed because of injury or a chronic condition, it can result in severe pain and other serious symptoms.

In some cases, Dr. Shaikh may use injected dye and imaging to better understand what the source of pain is. Furthermore, neurostimulation may be applied to specific areas. Patients will be mildly sedated in order to take away any chance of pain and discomfort, which means they will be able to communicate with the physician in order to properly diagnose the exact origin of pain. Selective nerve root block is also referred to as pain mapping in some cases. The end goal of this specific treatment is to help us determine the exact course of treatment that will provide the most relief.

Here at Crescent Pain Relief, we are sympathetic to the amount of pain and discomfort many patients experience because of chronic neck and back issues. We offer a wide range of treatments and therapies that are designed to not only diagnose, but accurately treat common disorders of the spine. While this specific procedure will not cure your spine condition, it can isolate and eliminate any pain. When used in conjunction with other treatment options and therapies, selective nerve root blocks can vastly improve a patient’s overall quality of life. To learn more about this type of injection or to schedule an appointment, please contact Crescent Pain Relief today.