Trigger Point Injections

A trigger point injection (TPI) is a simple, noninvasive procedure that is used to relieve myofascial pain. TPI is intended to reduce inflammation and any muscle tightness around the nerves. In order to better understand the benefits of this type of procedure, we must discuss what, exactly, a trigger point is. A trigger point is a knotted or tight area of muscle that can be felt under the skin. When pressure is applied to this specific area, it may result in pain in another part of the body. Trigger point injections use a specific medication that is designed to stop the pain cycle, allowing the patient to find certain therapies and rehabilitative programs to effectively treat the pain.

We use trigger point injections to successfully treat pain and discomfort in a host of muscle groups within the arms, legs, lower back, and neck. Furthermore, trigger point injections have been known to alleviate symptoms linked to fibromyalgia and tension headaches.

How Do Trigger Point Injections Help Alleviate Symptoms?

Trigger point injections are one of the most popular services offered here at Crescent Pain Relief. Countless patients have found relief thanks to this minimally-invasive injection. One of the reasons it is so effective is the fact that trigger point injections deliver a combination of medications designed to reduce inflammation. The injection relaxes the muscle, promoting blood flow and healing. In the event you have more than one trigger point (which is quite common!), you may have different muscles injected within the same session. The injection is painless because we administer a local anesthetic before we begin.

The frequency in which the injections may be performed will depend on the patient and what we are treating. For most, injections should be administered every one or two weeks for the first several weeks. After that, they are limited to one session every two months. This form of treatment is incredibly safe and provides patients with immediate relief. While you may feel some slight tenderness after the injection, this should wear off with immediate relief. While you may feel some slight tenderness after the injection, this should wear off soon. Please keep in mind that it may take one to three days for the anti-inflammatory properties of the medication to be noticed. Because trigger point injections aim to loosen muscle groups, they better prepare patients for other forms of therapy, such as chiropractic therapy or physical therapy.

Here at Crescent Pain Relief, it is our intention to help patients find relief from a wide range of symptoms associated with the neck and back. To learn more about Crescent Pain Relief’s trigger point injection services, please give us a call today. This innovative, highly-effective technique promotes healing and provides the patient with long-lasting relief from chronic pain associated with spine disorders. We are here to answer any questions you may have and ensure you understand your options when it comes to pain relief and the therapies we offer.